March 19, 2018
By Anonymous

Fright oh fright
an epitome of disrupting mindset
with the spec of fright within me
I knew I had to embark on the journey between life and death
on the road of mystery and doom
dangling myself tight and squeezy

And i whispered,"Oh fright!!!"
hearing the sounds of wild beasts
wailing to devour flesh
I ran swiftly into the mystic doom
shivering and wetting my pants with pressured urine

Oh fright oh fright oh fright
seeing the hands of weird trees waving at me
seeing the awkward owls eagerly towards me
the cloaking frogs silently hopping towards me
This gave a deceptive motive to me

Had I known!!!
these were the terminologies flowing off my mouth like water
getting to the deepest and thinkest part of the forest
I articulated it was the time to hug the paltry path of the journey
then, I realised that fright is the agony of death
When I looked back I forever remained silent....


The author's comments:

This poetry was inspired by a life experience

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