Full Ride To Hell

March 19, 2018
By Anonymous

Woke up and it’s Sunday morning
Parents leaving to go see a Matinee movie
Feeling anxious and worrisome from calls and texts
Bad thoughts ran through my head
It could be a girl, sleeping in, anything
Your car wasn't there
Why was it not there?
I see my dad’s suburban pull into the driveway
He sits down on the couch dismissing my brother to his room
The word “jail” comes out of my dad’s mouth
And my heart skipped a beat and my brain turned to mush.

The author's comments:

My uncle had a full ride to University of Michigan and Wayne State University and was always known as the bright one and my dad was always called dumb. Well it just shows that being book smart doesn't show anything. He has been in prison the past two years.

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