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March 13, 2018
By Anonymous

thoughts racing
heart beating
ears ringing
legs bleeding
i remember when i ran away from you
i was playing hide and go seek
while you were creating plans to hurt me again
but i didn’t know about that
i didn’t even care
i was just trying to have fun
but then you found me
and the smile wiped off completely
any move would be the wrong one
so i just stood there
taking punches from you and your friend
i remember waiting for a ride
from the people i despised
because you got picked up by his dad
and you left me
it was sometime in november
and the weather was cold
but you hit harder than the storm
not only with your words
but with your fists too
luckily i know this today
yesterday was harder
but i’m learning
we worry about tomorrow like it’s promised
today i’m okay
and today i am stronger
i will not let you hurt me
or come near me again
today i am stronger than any one of your punches
your fist can only go so far today
i wish you the best
but i am not sorry

The author's comments:

this piece is about abuse. i hope for people to learn there is hope for us, anyone. 

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