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February 15, 2018
By Anonymous

When the wole world tells me,

I don't deserve my life,

sometimes I start believing them,

and my day turns into night. 


With each passing day I realize more,

that I don't eant to be here. 

I start noticing everywhere,

Simple ways to disappear. 


Flash forward to my later life,

I'm controlled by anger and fear. 

I need someone to hold me close,

but there's no one near. 


One step is all it takes, 

One cut, one jump, one tear. 

The thought that no ons would miss me, 

If I wasn't here. 

Goodnight world I apologize,

My life was never right. 

In my next life I promise you, 

I'll put down the knife. 

The author's comments:

sorry writing rhyming poetry on the bus makes my day better. 

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