trump's gestapo

January 29, 2018
By Em-Arm SILVER, Hi-Nella, New Jersey
Em-Arm SILVER, Hi-Nella, New Jersey
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our president
is a hate-smith
who wakes up early
to hand-craft fuel for the masses
to read and stoke the fire
of ignorance and oppression
to feed and break the calm
of others
who fear of 16-some atom bombs
and never-arriving peace
who applauds his proxy gestapo
who make the situation worse
who pour gasoline on the fire
without giving the rest of us a break
who bombards us with news
that mean nothing
only to hinder the information
that does
his charlottesville zealots
will want to go on and spread his word
to make a cloak out of hatred
to shield them from change
but instead create
a thinly veiled glimpse of instability
and so
we wait and gather up the ones
who want
who need
a change
and we push
and let not one thing slip from our hands
into the cracks of levity and indifference
that trump and his gestapo create
with every scandal and offense
we will not rest
and we will not hide
until we see and recognize that
we are the ones who will cause the fall
of the people who create such a rift between
so that we can mend ourselves
and become stronger
for now we must
and push
to have others see
that the only thing that is splitting our nation
is the nation, ourselves.

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