It Gets Easier

March 2, 2018
By Mikaylalynn9127 BRONZE, St. Charles, Missouri
Mikaylalynn9127 BRONZE, St. Charles, Missouri
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Heartbreaks are monsters,
The constant heartache you feel and the nauseating feeling that grows,
The feeling of failure and that it’s your fault,
But it’s not, you did everything you could.

You tried, you changed, you told him you’d do anything,
He doesn’t want you to change,
He says he loves you but doesn’t feel the love between us anymore,
What can you do?

You’d think third time’s the charm and that you’d be okay,
Truth is it gets harder every time,
He texts you at work like a coward,
“You can come get your stuff but don’t expect to stay long, I can’t deal with the drama of you crying.”

A day passes and you’re trying to see the positive side of everything,
What’s that you see?
Him and another girl doing a handshake,
Who is she?

In the back of your mind his dad’s words almost haunt your brain,
“He’s so stupid Kayla, I don’t know what he’s doing,”
But in a sense you appreciate it,
You no longer have to report to anyone.

As the days go by you’ll notice it gets easier,
You never truly get over a break up,
Learning to live with it is hard,
But you can’t live in the past forever.

The author's comments:

My boyfriend of almost 2 years broke up with me and I put a lot of heart and emotion into this piece.

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