Life is a Painting

March 2, 2018
By shelbyym BRONZE, St. Peter\'s, Missouri
shelbyym BRONZE, St. Peter\'s, Missouri
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I look forward to,
the giant endless body of water,
cerulean and crystal clear.
The gentle, comforting waves rush onto my toes every few seconds.

I look above me,
The very top of the sky is painted an opaque shade of dark navy.
As my eyes dance down,
I see sloppy brushstrokes of cotton candy pink and lilac.
Some of the color covered by the delicate cumulus clouds.
As my eyes get to the center,
A glowing gold aura blinds me.

I look to my left,
He has a subtle arous glow 
reflecting off the sapphire body of water onto his flawless skin.
The gentle sea breeze pushes and pulls his hair to the right.

It’s in these moments I know I have everything.

The author's comments:

Ths piece is about my vacation to Miami Florida when I was standing on the beach at sunset with my boyfriend.

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