Pray for Syria

March 2, 2018

Some lost their parents
Some lost their child..
Dropping every mile
There is a missile..
The people are resting
In dresses of white..
The innocent ones
Are still passing a smile..
Their sky ain't blue
They have clouds of fumes floating high..
The news is resting
In papers and piles..
6 years 11 months
Is not a short time..
Many are dead
Many have survived
But none of them is fit and fine...
In prayers everyday
Both of my hands rise..
Relieve their pain, Oh God
Instead, increase my cries..
They need our help
And we should not hide..
We cannot fly we cannot fight
But we can pray for them every time..
They are humans too
They deserve a better life..
We should do something
We should think for a while
What can we do to make them smile...
The death of a celebrity
Doesn't deserve so much of light..
When a country is crying
And we are calm and quiet..

The author's comments:

The images of Syrian civil war victims circulating throughout the internet just pains me in the heart.

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