March 2, 2018
By Anonymous

She lived her life with a spirit so few have,
She jumped with every step; every feature of hers illuminating the room she was in;
Instead of blood, energy and emotion coursed through her veins.
She laughed easily, loved easily, lived easily.

At a breath, the world around her filled with color;
At a word, her audiences were enthralled and entertained. 
Her eyes told a story with every blink and flutter,
And she always knew exactly who she was.

Her impish grin never failed to make her companions laugh;
With great care, she made and kept her friends.
The breeze itself seemed to follow her
Out of pure loyalty to the girl who danced on the wind.

She loved what she loved with her entire being--
The little girl with a heart to hold the world.
From the moment she sprung into my life,
Every part of my soul has been charmed by her.

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