Thirteen Ways of Looking at Our Flag

March 1, 2018

Thirteen Ways of Looking at Our Flag
A flag waves in the wind
The fabric is taunt and struggling for survival
The flag is folded to perfection
No wrinkles will appear when unfolded
The stars represent our homes
One star alone is weak
But fifty together are strong
The red stripe is our heroes sacrifice
Their blood has been shed for us
The white stripe is our pure nation
We strive to be the best
Together our thirteen stripes represent where we came from
Our original thirteen colonies built this country from nothing
Our blue behind the stars shows our chiefhood
We dominate in everything we do
Some might see war
And the men who have risked lives for our country
Their families grieve but are proud of their legacy
Our flag shows our love for God
He is the one we trust in
Our morals of our country are built on him
We are run by the people
We do not rule over one another
But rather elect those who will serve best
Our forefathers spent their lives constructing this country
So that we can enjoy it today
We have the best military in the world
Our soldiers are like water to the crops
They fight so we can fly our flag high
Our freedom is what we are most proud of
We no longer are under the rule of England
But we are free to live with no diction

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