The Want

February 26, 2018

A cookie-cutter life, everyday like the next.
Everyday like the next, every week like the rest.
Days blend into weeks, weeks blend into months.
Until your spend your days simply going through the motions.
You don’t think, you just accept things the way they are.

But then one day comes along that’s not like the rest.
Today, you open your eyes.
You open your eyes to discover a whole new array of colors,
A whole world yet to be explored.

You’re anxious, excited, unaware of what’s to come.
Yet in this turmoil of excitement, you realize there are stills things in your way:
life, yourself, the world you have already set before you.
You poured the mold years ago and are stuck in the concrete that has been set for a lifetime.

You go back into line and live everyday like the next, accepting the wait,
yet in your mind, you have escaped.
You are away chasing your dreams.

When you go to sleep at night, shutting your tired eyes, you vanish and enter into your world,
A path that you can control.
You drive yourself to the airport,
You aboard the plane,
And you fly away.
But when life abruptly slaps you awake, the plane can’t take off.
You are still stuck in that concrete.

If only you changed things back then.
If only you hadn’t made the mold.
But it’s not too late.

You get up the courage, regardless of outside opinions and take your shot.
Why wait?
The time is now.

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