"My Future for Music"

February 26, 2018
By Tristyn BRONZE, Canton, Illinois
Tristyn BRONZE, Canton, Illinois
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A long way down the road,
I hope to see music still in my life.
Whether it be a pass of time,
or even a hobby at that matter.

Almost every morning,
I listen to music.
So I guarantee myself,
a good day.

Some people say, that it has no meaning.
but the artist I listen to most,
Speaks about life problems in his music.
Who knows if he’ll make it somewhere,
with his music.

And that’s enough about Logic,
when we can talk about Future instead.
Not the song artist but events
that happen from February,
Of the year two thousand and eighteen.

People thought a long time ago,
that flying cars would be a thing.
All we’ve gotten so far,
is people who eat tide pods or deodorant.

I honestly hope,
that something happens down the line.
But as they always say,
“The world may never know.”

The author's comments:

I hope people will understand that music can get you in a productive mood or just any form of positivity. Also hope they get a little laugh toward the end of the poem. But overall just hoping that the person(s) who do read this understand that music can impact your day and or change your mood.

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on Mar. 7 2018 at 9:45 am
Painting__Roses__ SILVER, Aubrey, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
Life is a field of roses, treasured for eternity, but its colors fade.

Beautiful. I love the message.

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