Where I'm From

February 26, 2018
By 8janssen GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
8janssen GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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I was from the tangled greenery in my backyard,
the intertwined branches of my hideaway.
The innocent acts of picking nature’s beauty and using it for my own.
The following of steps twice as big from the man I call my role model.
Steps of an outdoor lifestyle and using common sense,
creating knowledge from my own experiences.

I am from pulling all nighters to cram for tests and
the anticipation for Friday being only a day away.
The night hangouts that require climbing through windows as an escape,
the new friends encountered and the drama that awaits.
The mistakes made before knowing my limit,
the stories I will one day share as a grandparent.

I hope to be from happiness and joy found within rooms overlooking a lake,
the thousands of acres that cry out my name.
The day I graduate college and have money from my own earned success.
The dependence on my parents for insurance and a roof eliminated,
the knowledge of achieving success and happiness independently.
The memories of college stored away only for a next phase in life to take place.
The kids I will raise with a kind husband who cares,
the lifestyle I learned soon to be shared.

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