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February 26, 2018
By Anonymous


(Nick Names):
-Jbird because I came up with it in the third grade
-Diddy because I like the video game donkey kong and I would be hypper like Diddy Kong
-Jesus because of my long hair and beard. Thats what people called me when I went to New holstein schools
-Wow bro
-Whats goin on Brrrr
-What up dawg
-Family: Ashlynn,Tori,Austin,Reonna,Kaylee
-Dads side: JD,Richard,Brad,Brain,Judy,Jodi,Betty,Walter,Carl
-Moms Kathy, Joanne,Sue,Steven, Christaine,
(Favorite Video Game):
-Call of duty
-Watch Dogs
-Dark souls
(important things to you):
-My Education I see myself going to a tec school before I go to a 4 year school
-MoneyI can smell the new cars Im going to buy with my money and the new car smell
-Foof to have over my head,Clothes and food
-Working car I can hear the cars I fix as i’m wokring on them
-Good paying job and also a good people person
-Video games, The feeling of the controller
-Biking, The smell of the fresh air
-Skatebord, Falling off a skatebord is a pain
-Automacanics, The sight and sound of the cars are great knowing that my work is complete
-Food, I love the taste of tacos
-Neon Green, The texture of the color is feels good to me
-Cars, The sound of cars
-Computers, The sight of just seeing something I fixed is a good feeling
-People who help out, The sound of people being happy of being helpful is the best feeling ever to
(dislikes in life):
-People who don’t listen, The sound of people being annoyed or angery about not being helped because they are mad isnt a good sight of things
-Some one who doesnt put in effort for anything,
-Liars, smells like a garbage bag because its stinks
(Things I can do on a car):
-Do an oil change, Feeling of the greasy oil is a good feeling on the hands because you know your doing it right
-Change a Tramission axel, The smell of the tramission fluid is slimy
-Change a tire, The sight of the Tire iron going in circles.
(Favorite Qoutes):
-“Better be late than sorry” 
-“Be safe”
-“Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory”

(big moments in your life):
-Going to Arrowhead, The outlook of going to this school is a better outcome of going to a good College
-Winning  tractor pull trophy 1st place, the Smell of the fresh air and the victory air. The Taste of victory is the best feeling ever
-Leanring how to fix computers. The Sight of the computer Dignostics is cool to look at and how computers are on the inside and how they are made.  
(Favorite Music):
-Heavy metal
-Hip pop
-Rock n Roll

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Life is a field of roses, treasured for eternity, but its colors fade.

Interesting way of writing.

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