February 26, 2018
By chrka BRONZE, Monticello, Illinois
chrka BRONZE, Monticello, Illinois
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we say we love ourselves
accept our flaws
find peace in our insecurities
but that’s not exactly true

when we see a girl it’s like
oh I wonder how shes that skinny
then maybe the next few days you aren’t hungry
but you are
but you shouldn’t be

or you have that friend
we all have that friend
prettier than you
the one the boys drool over
everyday she wakes up, perfectly
but you on the other hand
one big crazy mess

somedays you want to be another girl
anyone but yourself
but there can be some days where youre so
self obsessed

people can’t stand it

you can’t stand it

The author's comments:

This is in the perspective of girls my age, I have heard many girls struggles with their insecurities. Although sometimes we act like we don't care about our flaws, but somedays they keep us from trying.

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