Where I'm From

February 26, 2018
By cnelson GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
cnelson GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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I am from a life like an ocean, calm at first glance,
an ocean that’s looked at, while miniscule decide to venture in.
I am from a home that shrinks as Sara and JJ grow.
The home that radiates love
when the last hint of happiness left.
I am from a pool out back and a basketball hoop on the side,
the home that’s complex when the creaky door shows the inside.

I am from the happiest little girl, surrounded with friends and family,
the girl who didn’t know what a struggle was, carefree. 
I am from a family that grew apart even though we were together;
from the idea of  ‘being your own best friend.’
An idea that became a lifestyle, an idea that blew away the radiating love like a loose balloon.

I am from the empty eyes and soon empty emotion,
a body that grew lifeless, numb, incapable of understanding.
I am from a burning hate for cancer, a constant reminder,
“I love you so much, look up. I’ll always be there.”
I am from a broken home, a home I used to never know,
the home that slowly became like the universe; unfathomable.

I am from tears, fights, yet embraces that seemed to cure the pain
an embrace that finally cracked the barrier and let light through. 
I am from family that swam in the ocean when they’re legs turned to dust.  
The petrifying ocean, with waves that could consume,
waves that changed the way I lived.

I am from new eyes, eyes that saw a better life.
A life that grew stronger and happier, a life I had never known before.
I am from a new girl, one who understands.
A girl with the happiest, the strongest, the loving family, 
I am from a home ingrained with overcoming, and persistence.
A home that finally had that radiating love again, as soon as you open the door to a new home, a home more connected than ever.

I am from struggle, sadness, constant fear of losing something I love.
A struggle that made me see the important things in life.
I am from a past I’m thankful for, a past that made me who I am,
a challenge that grew into history.
I am from happiness and love, from “you are never alone.”
A happiness and love that became a new life, a life filled with smiles and eyes that told a story.

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