Black Lives Matter!

February 24, 2018
By BRONZE, Upper Marlboro, Maryland BRONZE, Upper Marlboro, Maryland
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We preach! Black lives matter but not just in the month of February,
We still counting dead bodies laying down dead in the cemeteries.
#BLM with peace we protest, they really pushing us now down to the verge,
We do want this change alright, but do we have to form a brigade?

They treat us like we’re monkeys in the jungle,
Through this tumble, we still stay HUMBLE!
No, this cannot be our reality,
Living in a world of inequality.

Are they going to Hit us forever?
                            Cheat us forever?
                            Bad treat us forever?
Brothers we gotta act clever,
Sisters we could make this thing better.
Whatever, Whenever, However
We’re going to make it through all the trials together…

Racial segregration in these nations,
They shoot them and call the case an invalidation.
Yes, I’m devastated,ofcourse I’m frustrated
Ughh yes agitated cus cus all I’m speaking none of it is exaggerated.
Retaliate with hate?
No, no let’s congregrate.

I guess we just have to cope,
We’re really on a tightrope.
All we have left is Hope.

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