Sweat - a happy poem

February 24, 2018
By Anonymous

Sweat is one of those things that is welcome anytime.
          at the turn of the seasons.
Winter to Spring.
the air conditioner in the house hasn’t been turned on
but it’s Warm.
Sweat is welcome.
          at the turn of a Relationship.
the nervous energy when you stop in that dark
empty parking lot.
Sweat down your legs.
and Love.
they are welcome.
          at the turn of the floridian hour
from king’s cross to hogsmeade
and then to ancient greece.
stepping out of the burning heat
with Family
covered in Sweat.
all are welcome.
          at the turn of the Mind.
age thirteen
and the crushing realization of Mortality.
a panicked Sweat
that gives way to a heightened sense of Self...

Of Not Giving A S***.
Of Originality.
Of Stargirl and Luna and Holden.
          welcome Sweat as a friend.

The author's comments:

I woke up sweaty because it's starting to get warm and I absolutely love warm weather, so I started thinking about other sweaty things that I like or that are important to me. :) 

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