Dear Love

February 24, 2018
By Anonymous

Dear Love,

It’s always scary,
Trying new things that is.
Whether is be a new place
Or a new experience
Anxiety smothering you from the inside
Overwhelming hope sweeping you from your feet
Even depression takes a place in your heart for some time.
But Love, you won’t get this chance again.
Talk to that attractive boy,
Kiss the girl,
Go to that concert,
Drive across country with your dog beside you
Stop living in the back seat.
Now is your chance
To prove
Who you are

These days there is fear everywhere,
No matter where you go,
It happens every day.
Two people die per second they say.
Who knows?
You could be next.
Make the most of what you have,
Where you are.
Because you will never have this chance ever again.
And Love, regret can hurt more than jealousy
And jealousy,
Isn’t worth your time.

They say drugs are bad
The smoking,
The drinking,
The injecting,
But for some it is the only thing keeping them sane.
Not saying it’s good to do these things
Don’t read me wrong.
But what if we are all blinded from reality?
What if the reason drugs are illegal is because they give us insight to the real world?
What if the world is a lie?
Even then who would have caused this?
The government?
But they’re blinded too!
Maybe the ones we call insane,
Are the ones who know the truth?
But we never listen
Because we are scared to see
The reality we are deprived of

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