don't worry, it'll be fine

March 2, 2018

as i sit in my classroom, i ponder about the future

i sit and ponder about how am i going to juggle my failing grades and a job on top of them

the mountain of my worry begin to fill and like bricks i make a house of self loathing and doubt

but then i set my record play on to songs of the 50's and think about how everything will be better dispite the cold harsh reality 

everything will be better, let the music whisk you away and lay down with your dog or a plushie or do what makes you happy


in the end we'll all perish and all the worries will fade with our bodies so enjoy the crazie ride, because it may feel short but it will lat for eternity

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shasmitha4 said...
today at 9:13 am
that was amazing...... loved it
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