feel like fire

February 22, 2018
By arryanasthename SILVER, Arlington, Texas
arryanasthename SILVER, Arlington, Texas
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you feel like rain

on a warm night

dancing in puddles

until your feet hurt.


or like driving for the first time

the first taste of freedom

of acceleration

where the world moves a bit quicker.


like screaming until throat gives out

laughing until your stomach burns

running until you can't breathe anymore.


the way you yell

makes my heart race

the way your brow bone becomes stern --

when another shows me attention --

makes the wilderbeasts inside run wild.


we stand in a room

steam pours out of your nose

we are fighting again


you scold me for being indecisive

for always making a mess

then there is a moment --

where your eyes travel from mine, to my lips, and back --

that is when you feel like fire

deep down buried inside of me

longing to get out

to burn for you


i know why we keep doing this

why we tear eachother apart

just to hold the idea of us together

why hurting eachother is more comforting

that letting what we have go


for there is no other

for me

and there will be always be plenty for you

The author's comments:

holding onto something creates more pain than letting it go. 

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