Let's Go Back

February 28, 2018
By CJLee BRONZE, Torrance, California
CJLee BRONZE, Torrance, California
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Let’s go back to the garden
Guarded by angels with great swords
Where people feel no shame
When apples were not eaten


I’ll show you Plato’s cave
Show you how shadows dance
Break your chains
And put them on again


You can lead me to Oceania
Hide away from the screen
And lead a rebellion but believe
Two plus two is five


Let’s watch the Hunger Artist
Stave himself while we
Sit by the candle light
Enjoy a meal of pride and paradox


I’ll sail us to Aeaea
To feed the pigs but not ourselves
Because we are already full
From the secrets and jealousy


You’ll sleep in the shade of the Bodhi Tree
Dream of an unending cycle
As hearts fall over you and me
And never wake up

The author's comments:

Referrences to the Garden of Eden, Plato's Cave, 1984, A Hunger Artist by Kafka, Aeaea from Greek Mythology, and Sri Maha Bodhi

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