February 28, 2018

When the highest high,
Was a swing at the playground.
When the lowest low,
Was when you fell down.

When smoking meant,
Breathing in the cold air.
When good friendships were,
Something that werent rare.

When going out with friends,
Meant playing hide and seek.
When it was so fun,
You could play for a week.

When the only f word,
Used to mean fun,
And now many people,
connect it to thier mums.

What happened that we changed?
Why did we lose our respect?
Our friendships! our good names!
This is not what I would expect!
Cuz hell we messed up.
Yeah we screwed up so bad.
But lets fix this now.
Instead of being sad.

Lets go.
Lets change.
For the best of things.

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