The Crucible

February 27, 2018
By alyssaking BRONZE, Alden, New York
alyssaking BRONZE, Alden, New York
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John Proctor and Abigail Williams had an affair
This left the town of Salem in a tear

John then decided to stop the affair and be faithful to his wife
This led Abigail to use witchcraft to try to take Elizabeth's life 

Betty then fell into a deep sleep
So, the rumors of Betty and the girls using witchcraft would not have a peep

Now the girls were no longer to blame
So, everyone they didn’t like, they gave the town their name

This led many innocent people to be accused
The truth of witchcraft was now being misused

What will the lies of witchcraft do to the people of this place?
How many blameless deaths will the town have to face?

Will the town make it out of this in one piece?
All if this trouble because of Reverend Paris' niece

There is a lesson to be learned from this story
The Crucible changed history with its allegory  

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