She Was Taught - A LGBTQ Poem

February 27, 2018

She was taught to love

Her friends,
Her family,
Even her enemies.
She was taught to be herself,
And no one else.
She was told by the people she loved the most
That whatever she chose in life,
She would still be accepted.
She would still be loved.

It was hard for her to accept
Who she really was.
She tried to hide.
The love from her family
was overcrowded by the hate of society.
She didn’t want anyone to think
That because of the person she loved
She was different.

Every day was a struggle.
She struggled to be
Who she knew she wanted to be.
She struggled to love
Who she knew she wanted to love.
She struggled to disguise her true self,
Every day of her life.
She was over it.
She told the world.

She was taught
That she could love
whoever she wanted to love.
She was taught that love
Was not something
To be afraid of.
If she was taught all these things
Then why wasn't everyone?
She wondered why some people stared,
Just because she loved a woman.
Just because she didn’t love a man.
She was taught
That she had to ignore the ignorant.
She was taught that she would
Always be loved.
She hoped and prayed
That the ignorant would soon learn.
She was relieved that
She was taught.

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torpedoes21 said...
today at 9:08 am
This is so great! It sends such a good message to everyone. :)
eagoodrich replied...
today at 9:18 am
Thank you so much!!
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