Ode to Pepsi

February 27, 2018
By dlddavion BRONZE, Sacramento, California
dlddavion BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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My mom always told me, "it dont matter what i do it's how i do it".

Your silky smooth taste of pepsi makes my taste buds jump.
Everyday you wait in the refrigerator for me.
You wait and wait until I return, and you’re ready for me to intersect you.
Your interior is dark as the night sky and outside is america colored.
I’m in heaven when I’m sipping you, I can’t feel the ground.
It's not the best for my body but it's worth the risk.
As bad as I try I still can’t quit you
Pepsi always have been there so I know you love me like I love you
You satisfy my taste buds in every way possible
You I always enjoy you never disappoint
Once I didn’t have you on a car ride it hurt my heart
Leave you again I could never
Pepsi I drink more than anything
Pepsi I drink a lot
Next to water Pepsi is what I need
I am addicted to you like a junkie
That may not be great but for me it’s heaven
Pepsi is my love
My girlfriend and my mom don’t like the relationship we have, but they’re salty like diamond
I can go on and on but what I’m trying to say is
I love pepsi.

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