Your rose

February 27, 2018

You kept me close,
You kept me safe.
I was your rose kept in a cage.

You were my sun,
My water, my life.
But I wanted to run,
I wanted to thrive.

Slowly my thorns came out,
You couldn’t touch me anymore.
Slowly the love faded away,
Leaving my heart sore.

But I was a flower,
And every flower must die.
When I was in my last hour,
You weren’t there
Can you deny ?

The author's comments:

People are just plain hypocrites . They love people and break them and leave them all alone. Love is there but 99% of it is hypocrisy while 1% is real love . The kind which never leaves you. So if you do manage to find it in your life, cherish it, nurture it and never let it go.

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