One Day I'll Help

February 27, 2018
By beells50 SILVER, Rolla, Missouri
beells50 SILVER, Rolla, Missouri
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whether I’m a cop or a fed,
a public defender or a district attorney,
a Representative or a Senator,
a Mayor or a Governor,
or even the President.

One day I’ll charge into battle.
I’ll fight for those who
have fallen under another’s
rule. I’ll give a voice
to those who have been
silenced. I’ll lock criminals
in jail and give peace of mind
to their victims.

One day I’ll help
others who struggle
in a world consumed
with self.

Every morning,
the pledge of allegiance
is said in monotone unison.
For some it's just another
item on the schedule.
For me, it's a promise
to stand tall,
push forward,
and get right back up when I fall.

It's a promise
to protect and serve
with liberty
and justice
  for all.

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