Crayola Box

February 27, 2018
By jaeeeeeeee BRONZE, Baltimore, Maryland
jaeeeeeeee BRONZE, Baltimore, Maryland
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Just like you
White and me black
A color,
That sits right next to each other
Just like a black girl,
With a nappy ponytail
And rough edges
Just like a white girl,
With straight hair
And straight edges
That doesn't get nappy
But tangles
A black boy and a girl
Same parts as a
White girl and a white boy
Just like you shades lighter than me ,
Just like me shades darker than you
It’s not our fault,
We came out this way
It’s not our fault,
We have a COLOR
On our skin
A label,
You repeated from your surroundings
What’s the real difference?
Our hair?
Our body?
How we speak?
We are not all the same,
But built the same
What’s The Real Difference?

The author's comments:

What inspired me to write this poem , is a crayola ,literally i thought of the colors black and white and the shades between it no one is black and no one is white. and if you think about it they are all colors. so why do we have to be labeled as color when white people are the same. this is why i named my poem crayola box.

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