February 27, 2018

                                 It’s always there,
                creeping up when you least expect it.
             Running toward you, building up those
            barriers you’ve worked so hard to pull down.
                   It is like a cork in your mind.


                        It’s always there,
               when it needs to disappear.
             Paralyzing you when you’re fragile.
            Kicking you when you are on the ground.


                        It’s always there,
                hurting, scaring, the mind.
             It’s a wrecking ball to your trust.
                     Searing the heart.
                A lowly hopeless killer.


                  It’s always there,
           To turn you against yourself.
          Hopeless, unforgiving, and cold
        Laughing as it plays with your life.


                 It’s always there,

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