Why Are People So Cruel?

February 27, 2018
By Anonymous

In this world people are born to be different, so why take that away?
Why is it that with any slight difference that people are treated differently?

Everyone is human, and no one has the right to take that away. When you see someone that looks a little different why is it our first thought to judge them? And why do people feel the need to point out each other's differences?

So what if someone has brown eyes instead of blues, or someone is redhead instead of having brown hair? So what if someone doesn’t go to church, or someone prays every day? So what if someone was born in another country? So what if someone speaks a different language? So what?

These things are what makes everyone special, so why do people feel the need to point out these differences as if they were flaws?

It’s so sad to see such young kids thinking that their differences are not okay and that not being yourself is what makes you fit in.

The society that we live in teaches us that it’s not okay to be different.

Kids today are learning that being unique is weird or gross.

Kids today are learning that if you want to be “cool” that you have to act a certain way.

Kids today are learning that your differences are what set you apart.

It’s so sad to think of the lengths kids go to be “cool”.

Is it really worth it to pick on someone just to be invited to a party? Is it really worth it to force someone to tears just to sit with someone at lunch? Is it worth it to end a life just to be friends with someone?

Why is it that kids are more interested in being popular than being nice?

The world we live in has twisted our ideas of what is right and wrong. Since when was it okay to be so mean that you drive someone to kill themselves just because they are different?

It’s never been okay, yet people still are being bullied.

It’s never been okay.

Why is it still happening?

Why are people still being discriminated because of their differences?

Why are people still so cruel?

Just because someone is different doesn’t give anyone the right to be cruel.

You are human, I am human. We deserve to be treated like one. It doesn’t matter what we look like, where we are from, we are still human.

It doesn’t take a lot to make a difference. Just one small act of kindness could save a life.

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