As a Black, Bisexual, Woman

February 27, 2018
By alexisnash62 BRONZE, Windsor, Connecticut
alexisnash62 BRONZE, Windsor, Connecticut
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Because I am black,
Does not mean I’m from the hood.
I am not all about gangs and gun-violence,
And neither was Trayvon Martin.
See, he had not a single weapon
But still was shot dead because “self-defence”.
You see, I’m not forever eating Watermelon and Kool-Aid.
No, my favourite genres are not
exclusively hip-hop and R&B.
I’m am my own person.

Because I am bi,
Does not mean I'm selfish.
I am not attracted to everyone.
I have my own preferences
and like who I like.
Amber Rose, a woman who is
extremely open about her being bisexual,
Reminds me that there’s nothing wrong
With me for having the feelings I feel.
No, I’m not gonna flirt with you
just cuz you are a girl or a guy.
I like what I like.

Because I am a woman,
Does not mean I’m dumb.
Neither does it mean I’m incompetent.
Women are just as capable as men,
Whether it’s sports
or medical professions.
Elizabeth Blackwell. First female doctor.
Not nurse.
A doctor.
She changed the course of modern medicine.
She wasn’t good for a woman.
She good because she was good.
I am not inept when it comes to
getting my hands dirty.
No, I can’t cook well
and I don’t enjoy gardening.
I’m not all about shopping
and getting my nails done.
I’m all about whatever I like.

Because I’m skinny/small,
Does not mean I’m anorexic
I am not afraid to pig out.
I enjoy food.
My body isn’t abnormal for its size
And me being small isn’t from a disease.
Lizzie Velasquez, a strong women
Was born with the inability to
physically gain weight or muscle.
Nah, you see, that’s an illness.
But, I’m absolutely healthy.
No, I don’t eat salads.
I just have a fast metabolism.

The author's comments:

This poem was inspired by years of being told who I am instead of me figuring myself out and knowing who I am in the world.

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