February 27, 2018
By Anonymous

I can’t say I’m not prejudiced cause who isn’t at this point
I can say I have a nemesis but who doesn’t at this point

The point is
People are saying racism came back as if it ever left
Cause racism was stuck in prison waiting to jump back
To those days of whacked blacks

You have to realize those days are never over
Because people who have prejudice don’t seem to get broker
They got stacks
A loan of a million dollars seems like nothing to them
These brothers need racks they dream just to get funding again
There only condemned to the prejudice of this world
We must never consent to there acts of

Cheap slave labor
They're just doing more favors
For these cheap savers

they say we living the dream
in the land of the free
but it doesn’t seem like a dream
it just feels so mean
and unclean
even the president is prejudice
he has no selflessness

we all staring in the face of hate
The same hate that said we can make America great
I’ve lost all faith for this race
and I just can’t seem to find my place
but we must make space for Jesus

no weakness
just stand up
be fearless
not speechless

the king walked for us to talk
he died for his freedom
so there is no reason why we shouldn’t be leading
Our fight for his vision
It’s our decision
To rise up against Prejudice!

The author's comments:

I wrote this piece for an open mic night my school was holding, so I decided to write it up, and share it. This poem is about social justice in society. 

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