Where I am from

February 21, 2018
By Cambo1 BRONZE, Hartland , Wisconsin
Cambo1 BRONZE, Hartland , Wisconsin
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I am from the village of dirt.
Wandering to find earth’s finest water
sand whirling in the air beneath my feet.
I am from the place where America is uninvited.
Government where structure becomes absent,
leading to third world, not development.
I am from east side.
Homesides, rape, and trafficking
the place where the fish lurk the waters
serene days and savaged nights
where children go missing
never to be seen.

I am from peace and life.
Necklace of peace evolving to necklace of hate
friends merge to strangers
strangers transform to family.
I am from frayed balls and bamboo goals
Lacerated and beaten at my feet
friends are family
family is eternal.

I am from violence and division.
Money delivers opportunities
money is nothing.
Adoption centers with no knowledge
inexperienced, living in a country of poverty.
East side, north side, west side, south side
east is home while north
imperialized with demons.
Liquified redness streaming beneath my feet
my sisters and brothers are South side 
8,578 miles away.

I am from hope and love.
my balloon gripped by hand
parents release, floating to distant land.
Life quality better elsewhere
America the great is not an imitate
government approvals for heaven on earth,
god’s idea of reincarnation.

Brick walls and cozy beds
taking me and my brother away from the past
red turning to pink; Hate merging to love.

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