My Mind is Who I Am

February 21, 2018
By Cam79 GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
Cam79 GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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I am from my Choices in life;
Learning from the pain and the joy.
I am from taking things for Granted;
Only to learn later I need them more than they need me, left to climb from the holes I dug
I am from mistakes;
Regretting things I’ve done, feeling the embarrassment claw at me like a lashing tiger.

I am from Passion;
Letting my emotions live through me like an inner demon breaking surface.
I am from Love;
Unconditionally forgiving those who hurt me
I am from Loyalty;
Never abandoning brothers and loved ones

I am from Hate;
Seeing the world in red, letting it build inside until not even hell could contain it.
I am from Revenge;
Plotting how I can do to those what they have done to me, dragging them to the same abyss.
I am from Freud’s Id;
Letting primitive thoughts overtake, creating something monstrous and vile.

I am from Serenity;
Appreciating the bright reds and orange of the morning sun to the blues of the moon.
I am from Curiosity;
Seeking the answers from around me like a scholar in a library.
I am from Ideals;
Finding the best way to achieve what needs to be done.

I am from Planning;
Thinking of the future and who things affect, protecting myself and others.
I am from Brotherhood;
Staying true to my brothers in arms, fighting each other's battles as one
I am from Thought;
Fearing the consequences and pain of all choices presented to me

I am from the Borderline of insanity;
On the edge of good and evil, of a jumbled mind about to explode.
I am from Society;
Torn between values and the norm, between what I want and what is accepted.
I am from Me;
Collective goods and evils, fighting for dominance.

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