4 Seasons of Alec

February 21, 2018
By DogMan21 GOLD, Dousman, Wisconsin
DogMan21 GOLD, Dousman, Wisconsin
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Water Drips from Alecs hair to his feet
Alec thinks to bike to a Feast,
Alec Bikes spry as a dog
Sweat on Alec's face as he eats at the bullfrog,

Weight from Alec's backpacks pulls him down
Alec goes to school with a frown,
Alec goes to football games where he claps
Sleeping at School Alec takes naps,

The smell of wings and pizza tickles Alecs nose
Alec skates on the lake that now froze,
Alec plays hockey on the ice
For dinner Alec eats a bowl of white rice,

The sound of the birdsĀ  hits Alecs ears
Alec Plays Lax with his peers,
Alec Stikes twine with a rip
Listening to rap Alec thinks is hip.

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