Simply Being Me

February 20, 2018
By Braley SILVER, Twin Lake, Michigan
Braley SILVER, Twin Lake, Michigan
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I don't care if you look

I don't mind if you stare

It doesn't make me self-consicious

It shows that you care


I know I'm different

Yes, I know that I've changed

It was my decision

I changed because I was sick of feeling that way


I was sick of feeling judged

I was fed up with "not fitting in"

I was done being afraid to speak

I am done not feeling confortable in my own skin


I now walk with confidence

I talk without fear

I don't mind if you don't like me

I simply don't care


I am proud of who I am

I'm who I want to be

I may not be perfect

But, at least I'm me

The author's comments:

This post was written at the beginning of my sophomore year when I started to feel comfortable with myself. I really hope this touches some people's hearts and they realize it's okay to be themselves. 

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