Brief pauses

February 20, 2018
By rocksmith BRONZE, Alexandria, Minnesota
rocksmith BRONZE, Alexandria, Minnesota
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Favorite Quote:
¨the only thing we have to fear is fear itself¨

-president, Franklin D. Roosevelt

A brief pause
All a brief pause is,
well it’s an illusion
For even though we may feel its presence
It's only a realm that only you can experience
For the rest, it's just
Another year
Another month, week
another day
Just another moment

A brief pause
Is just an experience that will move past you
Just a moment that you will try to hold on to
For sorrow or for pleasure
or for otherwise
A brief pause is both a gift and curse
Just another moment

A gift for the times of gold
And a curse for the times of sorrow
A gift of keeping someone
After time has passed
A curse for the times that you neglected them
Even though you did not know it then
Just another moment

A brief pause is something
Even though we may drag long labored chains
Rutted down in our souls
A brief pause can change your life
For better or for worse
Just another moment

A brief pause is a life
A brief pause is a death
A brief pause for you may be felt
But for me, it’s just an amount of time
Just another moment

What is a brief pause,
The feeling in your stomach
The feeling you hate but don’t want to go
The word that the moment you say
You realize should not have been said
Not Just another moment

What is a brief pause,
A brief pause is a moment
where you feel a rush of air on your face in a car
A brief pause may be good or bad
A snippet of your life that you remember
Not just another moment

What is a brief pause
For some, it may be the time they punched their father in a fight
Other baking cookies with dear old granny
Mabey say “I hate you” to your mother
Or perhaps going fishing with your grandpa
Not just another moment
For you
But for others
just another moment

So as I must go
stuck in the brief pause of your time
As your world is calling you
Something else is happening
You may have felt what others have not
But for you, it was a brief pause
But for others
Just another moment

The author's comments:

Its about iportants to you might not to someone else. a thing that you do to people or happens to you no matter if you think so.

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