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February 26, 2018
By mcb1423 PLATINUM, Sussex, Wisconsin
mcb1423 PLATINUM, Sussex, Wisconsin
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I’m excelling from my past, learning from my present, and creating my future.

I used to play baseball with my older brother in the scorching sun of the backyard.
I’m from Luke whacking balls at me.
I’m from the bumps and bruises that came with it.
I used to ski in my white winter jacket and puffy pink snow pants at three years old.
I’m from savoring sweet hot chocolate.
I’m from roasting marshmallows over the fire in the lodge.
I used to go on sweaty bike rides for the joy of cool custard.
I’m from tired legs and bruised buttcheeks.
I’m from a straight gravel path.

I now compete in a pitcher’s circle around the Midwest.
I’m from double braids, visors, and sun beaten faces.
I’m from battling innings in the circle.
I now enjoy summer while it lasts with my friends.
I’m from seven o’clock mornings packing a cooler for a day on the lake.
I’m from lake showers and washed away hours.
I now wish back moments and pray for time to slow down.
I’m from seventeen years in my house.
I’m from seventeen years surrounded by my friends and family.

I will attend The University of Missouri Saint Louis.
I’m going to compete for four more years in the circle.
I’m going to study and meet new people.
I will be the change I wish to see in the world.
I’m going to supply necessities to kids in countries of need.
I’m going to see the good and learn to forgive.
I will face the victories and the hardships.
I’m going to embrace the successes.
I’m going to learn from the failures.

I’m excelling from my past, learning from my present, and creating my future.

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