Dad hugs, Mom Kisses, Grandparents Prayers

February 26, 2018
By Writer6170 PLATINUM, Sussex, Wisconsin
Writer6170 PLATINUM, Sussex, Wisconsin
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I am from young love and sleepless nights,
12 hour shifts and morning fights.

I am from metal shops and hospitals,
daydreaming about running down the halls to save lives.

I am from cackling laughter and emotional cries
bursting out at the same time.

I am from standing out,
with fiery red hair and crystal blue eyes.

I am from love and faith;
Dad hugs, Mom kisses, and Grandparents prayers.

I am from screaming “SHOOT, SCORE, SKATE”
in rinks, watching my brother play.

I am from honesty and sincerity,
tell the truth and don’t tell a lie.

I am from a couple who fell in love,
started a family
made a place to call,

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