February 22, 2018
By AbbiRose24 BRONZE, Norris, Illinois
AbbiRose24 BRONZE, Norris, Illinois
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She can’t seem to get ahead.
She feels so alone,
Even though,
She’s really not.
She is so incredibly quiet.
Even though her mind is screaming
Like a never-ending rollercoaster.
She is so tired,
As exhausted as a new mom,
But yet, she can’t sleep.
All she wants
Is to not feel like
She is drowning.
This is all a part of her life.
A life even though she doesn’t want to,
But she has to live,
All alone...

The author's comments:

I wanted to show people that even thought you seem alone, there are people that feel the same. But even though you feel like it won't get any better, it will be always get better. 

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