My Room

February 22, 2018
By Outcry1014 BRONZE, Elgin, Texas
Outcry1014 BRONZE, Elgin, Texas
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"Nevertheless, she persisted"

When you enter
You enter my domain
My kingdom
The place where I am free
There, you cannot overpower me
When you step in
You smell the tears
You feel the fears
I have laid upon that floor
I’ve slammed that door
A million times
I’ve thrown my feelings against those walls
In that bed, I’ve taken more than a thousand falls
Hugged my teddy bears
Prayed for my sins
Forever scarred my skin near the books
Where the proof of my first love was took
Stroked there my beloved cats
Hung my favorite hats
Wore my best dresses
Admired myself in the mirror
Kidnapped my mind to a different world
Sung louder than the birds
Cried more than the rain
Smiled like there was no pain
Responsibility and procrastination were twins
Captured the peace on camera
Filmed the excitement
Only I would remain
And I have remained
              -Don’t go in my room

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