The Anatomy of a Poem

February 22, 2018

A poem should become alive with the breath of new words


A poem should create a crescendo of beats as its
heart pumps a sea of blood through the avenues
of your body


A Poem should sprout hands and reach of the page
to stroke the strings at your heart
as if its hands would seize to exist in their cessation


A poem should grow legs and walk into your life
as you seek the ability to walk out of others


A body of its own
a poem should physically reach into the depths of your soul
and find all that you lost
and remind you of all you have yet to lose


A poem should open its eyes
to see all that you were, are, will be


With its tongue to taste,
a poem should bring the sweets of life
to the entrance of your mouth


More than a stanza, a hiku, a ballad
a poem is body
a poem is the hands, feet, heart that seek to guide


Let it guide.


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