February 22, 2018
By Derp1 BRONZE, PAtterson, California
Derp1 BRONZE, PAtterson, California
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Ars Poetica, when I first heard it I thought it was a**e poetica, well, in a way that's what it is.  This a farce, as phony. 
This is my message to you:
You can't tell me to do this.
You can't assign poetry.
It's like asking me to bake a cake and I don't even have a kitchen.
This is my message to you:
As my contemporaries put it: s*** just happens.
Poetry is a lot of walking and walking idly by and by.
This is my message to You:
I am a bad detective, I search tirelessly, over and over, only to have the damn clue under my very nose when I lack my pipe and hat.
You’d say no s*** Sherlock, but I don't want to be Shakespeare, I don't look good in ruffles.
My message to you is that you can't force me to make this poem, even if I just did.
A poem is a painting, a picture, your asking me to break my brush and drop my camera.
I refuse, I WON'T make your cookie cutter crap.
A poem is a poem because you walked around idly by in that field of flowers and fell in a thorn bush and took it to pen.
You tell me Rembrandt, I give you Giger.
My lasts message and hope to you is that poetry just is, this aint.

The author's comments:

This was an assignment that I didnt very much feel like doing, and when I did it I made this thing. read it, or don't, I dont care either way. enjoy

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