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Composition Feels

February 22, 2018
By Minnesotalover BRONZE, Cascade, Iowa
Minnesotalover BRONZE, Cascade, Iowa
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Comp comp, 

oh how you make me want to scream and stomp.

Just lying in bed,

wishing I had a different thought in my head.

I used to be able to sleep,

however, now all I do is weep.

All these papers are drivng me nuts,

pretty soon I am going to start using "buts."

Suddenly an idea pops into my head and goes ding,

just as I remember I cannot use the word "thing."

Oh how these rules irritate me,

however, just think of the good writer I will be.

Staring at my computer screen,

not a single word to be seen.

The end is nearing,

and now the sound of summer is all I am hearing.

Composition is finally done,

now it is time to have some fun.

Good luck to those who come next,

you will no longer participate in a single group text.

It is time to scream and shout,

for it is time to tell comp peace out.

For all the times I had to stress and cram,

I thank comp for shaping me into the great writer I am. 

The author's comments:

The long nights and hard writing assignments inspired me to write this poem. I wrote about all of the emotions I felt during the class.

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