She is

February 22, 2018
By Anonymous


I didn’t know what love was until

I saw her.


Had brown eyes and long brown hair

Olive skin

Freckles gleamed from summer sun

Sweet goosebumps crawling up her spine

Her heart was a secret garden, and the walls were very high

But only I was brave enough to climb them

Maybe this is why my heart was yearning from love that didn’t come from a man

Because this whole time

She was waiting for me in the moonlight

When I kissed her, time stood still

Our laughs harmonized the way I couldn’t with him

When we kissed, I breathed in her exhale and she breathed in my inhale

We survived by breathing only our breaths

They must never know

And what I mean by they, is everyone

My parents

My church

My friends

I must never tell

Years down the line

I put on the white dress

Something blue

Something old

Something new

I’ll walk down the aisle

Lilies and sunflowers in my hair

Church bells ring in my ears

Looking at the groom

Looking back at the woman I love sitting in the pue

Not the groom

But her.

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