February 22, 2018
By CHLCHS BRONZE, Canton , Illinois
CHLCHS BRONZE, Canton , Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
Never ride faster than your guardian angel can fly. but feel free to outrun your demons.

You either win

Or you die trying to win

Everything can be taken away
At any given moment
You could be having a nice picnic
with the girl of your dreams
And a drunk driver could take it all away

You could be coming back
From your girlfriend’s favorite movie
And make one mistake
And change how she feels about the movie forever
Knowing you just made her favorite movie
Into her worst nightmare

Life is a crazy game
That goes round, and round,
Everyone tries to make other people happy
But where does that get us?

Worry about yourself being happy before them
If you do that, making other people happy
Will be a piece of cake.

The author's comments:

This is a true story about me and my girlfriend who were coming back from "Beauty and the Beast," and it was late at night after I had been working on a roof for a decent part of the morning. On the way back I fell asleep behind the wheel and made One Mistake. 

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