Where I'm From

February 26, 2018
By Treadmill GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
Treadmill GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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I am from a town of families,

the children playing and running in the park.
I am from a town of beauty,
the corn and trees swaying in the warm summer breeze.
I am from the pool,
the blue water casting off the sun’s rays.
I am from longing for camp,
the trees, tents, and teenagers ready for a new week.
I am from the alley,
the oiled lanes glistening as my ball travels towards the pins.
I am from the scar,
the mark upon my face that tells a gruesome story,
a story of blood, terror, and fear.

I have been on camping trips,
where the waves crash against the dark and rocky shores.
I have been a leader,
inspiring those around me like a warrior in battle,
charging head on with dirt and mud across the body.
I have been called many things,
wildcard, treadmill, lucia, wisecrack.
I have been bewildered,
watching my brother play like a captivated child.
I have been scared,
cowering behind the fears around me.

I am brave,
now facing and defeating my fears,
pushing on like a boat upstream.
I am accepted to college,
apprehensive, astonished, and able.
I am scarred,
blood and bruises in my past,
the feeling of blood run down my chest.
I am trapped,
pressing emotions down until they explode,
causing an outburst of hurtful words.
I am like the sun,
burning bright on most days,
but on some hiding behind a sheet of clouds,
creating darkness and sadenning the day.

The author's comments:

This poem shows some things about me that the average person may not be able to see. I hope you find out some things about me. Enjoy!

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