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February 26, 2018
By J.F.F. GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
J.F.F. GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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I am from snow gleaming in the sun
from the summer sky, reflected by a pool
from unbearable winter rains, from cherished spring rains
from the autumn leaves warning the cold
and I camped under it all.

I am from one home, yet
from a world begging to be explored
from Swiss Alps, from American wilderness
from miles of road faded and gray
and I have not seen it all.

I am from the confines of drywall, my mind adrift on distant currents
from a room of Legos turned into a universe
from slipping into daydreams, from finding myself sleeping
from worlds viewed through 2 million pixels
and I wish I could remember it all.

I am from a school with a thousand minds
from programming robots, seldom seeing
the sun
from pseudo-proofs, from a 20-page list
of funny quotes
from running jokes, especially long
German words
and I have grown from it all.

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