Where am I From?

February 26, 2018
By OldSoul1776 GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
OldSoul1776 GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Where am I from physically?




Where am I from intellectually?




Where am I from spiritually ?



Where am I from?
From a faith filled family.
From a suburban wooded suburb of Atlanta.
From the hectic nights of service for 300 people at restaurants famous for Friday fish fries.
From clean up at midnight, to opening at 7 in the morning to start over.
From the spongy Arrowhead track, before the field of dreams was a project.
From running with my mom and dad, hoping to be fit like them.

From Swallow Elementary, where Ms. Beard sparked my early education through creativity.
From Arrowhead, where I constructed an intellectual arsenal.
From working on a line 15 tickets deep, strengthening my knowledge and reflexes.
From adversity of my first AP class sophomore year, building character and mindset.
From falling short on a test, springing into hours of studying.
From getting that A, leading to more motivation.

From St. Charles, a house of God waiting for His children to return home.
From faithful parishioners, whom are part of one family.
From Him, His everlasting plan, and His intentions.
From His vision before any scattered the earth.

For that is not the question,
Rather ask, “Where will I be?”

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